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JUHO Hard Seltzer

Hard Seltzer hits Indonesia with JUHO

Now Indonesia can celebrate nothing with a JUHO Hard Seltzer.

You might not realise it right now, but this is the drink you’ve been waiting for. Crisp, light, flavourful and desperately refreshing. Crafted from premium ingredients and natural fruit, JUHO hard Seltzer makes beer, wine, spirits, and cocktails so last year. And there’s no reason or excuse needed to enjoy a JUHO. It’s so desperately refreshing It’s perfect for every occasion. Even more perfect when there isn’t any occasion. Hence our simple credo: “Celebrate Nothing”.
Because celebrating nothing is celebrating everything. It makes sense to us. We hope you agree.

WTF IS Hard Seltzer?

Hard seltzer is pretty straight forward stuff. It's water with bubbles, real fruit flavor and oh, most importantly, it has alcohol in it. Hard seltzer's global and meteoric rise over the past couple of years needs little explanation. Apart from the fact that it's incredibly refreshing, it could be considered a healthier option to traditional alcoholic drinks. It checks off a lot of the boxes for us, modern more health-conscious drinkers. You know the stuff, gluten-free, low-calorie, low-sugar, low-carb. Ok, not so low in alcohol, but that's good too, right?


First, we source quality ingredients


Then we infuse with fresh, true-to-taste natural fruit flavor to ensure that Aaah! feeling


Then we add in bubbles to keep things fresh and light



Have nothing to celebrate? Fantastic! Time for a JUHO

Looking to celebrate nothing?

The JUHO locator will help you find JUHO Hard Seltzer. Use the locator to locate stores, bars and clubs that sells JUHO.